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Condos, Townhomes, and Single Family Homes 

Specializing in comparative market analysis (CMA) and exceptionally skilled at pricing a property to sell, our team goes above and beyond to ensure that your property is ready for sale. In today’s market, availability, responsiveness, and promptness is paramount. With that being said, we pride ourselves on our commitment to such professionalism. 

The Chana Gedy Real Estate group guarantees that we will always be present to show the home to prospective buyers while prioritizing your needs and honoring the agreed upon agenda throughout the process. As a bi-coastal firm that closely monitors the varying local, national, and global markets, we’re one of the first to know about all market changes and we will walk side-by-side with you to answer any questions in an effort to provide our signature unconditional support. Above all, we guarantee that you will get the best deal possible.


Condos, Townhomes, and Single Family Homes 

Using our powerful negotiation skills and sharp communication techniques, our team guarantees that you'll obtain top value for your investment. As a bi-coastal Real Estate group, we are continuously studying changes in the local, national, and global markets. Being in-tune with the current market is just one way that we are able to precisely quote rental prices; conducting a thorough market analysis and promptly sharing our findings with you is another. 


Our team specializes in successful tenant screening to guarantee the best possible matches for your high-end property. Utilizing our strong interpersonal skills, we will negotiate prices, move-in dates, and all aspects of a lease. As an added bonus, we will help you turnaround your property, making it move-in and inspection-ready to eliminate any unnecessary stress from your already busy routine.


Customized based on Your Needs

If you own an estate or multiple estates and wish to outsource your management team to handle the day-to-day operations, look no further. We’re experts at making sure that your pool is always clean, your garden is in full bloom, and your towel rack is tightly secured. Our network of loyal, hardworking professionals will deliver the best service to your home under our complete supervision.  


Chana Gedy Real Estate offers customized estate management services to ensure that each of your investments is well taken care of and building value. Our services are based on your needs and include everything from maintenance and landscaping coordination to bill and property tax management, among other services.  


We’ll handle your bill payments, make recommendations for new updates, document appliance warranty information to avoid a lapse in coverage, and conduct routine inspections and cleanings to guarantee that everything is operating properly. And when you’re out of town, we’ll even water your plants, collect your mail, and order your favorite groceries upon your return home.







Looking to grow your portfolio? Not sure if you’re ready to sell? Are you considering renting out your property and buying a bigger home? Are renovations necessary? Should you invest in SFH or Multi-Family?



We can help you discover the best options for your long term real estate needs and provide you with data and information to back it up. Whatever your passion is, consider us your trusted ally. We’re committed to your growth because your growth is our growth.